Price list and opening hours

Price list

mon - sun
1 hour
mon - sun
all day
Early hour
Thursday and Friday from 10 am  - 2 pm
kids 1 year and older 149,- 299,- 149,-
adults 49,- 99,- 49,-
group 2+2** 749,-
seniors, disabled 49,- 79,- 49,-
  • * Weekend prices are also valid during holidays (spring, summer, autumn, Christmas, Easter, national etc.)
  • Special price for seniors is 79 CZK
  • Child = person 2 - 18 years old 
  • Children below 2, hadicaped people and their escort for FREE (only valid for children)!
  • You can pay cash or by card (by card only at the reception and for more than 100 CZK)
  • All attractions and gaming tables are included in the price except for electric cars (10 CZK per ride), air hockey and table football (10 CZK per game)
  • Locker key deposit is 200 CZK
  • Entrance fee - one-time fee
  • Prices are subject to change
  • The carpet and attractions are accessible only in socks (socks can be bought at the reception for 30 CZK)

Price list for groups, collectives, schools and kindergartens

Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday
14:00 - 19:00
Thursday - Sunday, Holidays
10:00 - 19:00


What kind of admission to choose and how it works?

If you have more time, we recommend all-day entry. For a group of two adults and two children, it is more advantageous to buy a combined ticket 2+2. In case you have less time, you can choose the hour entrance. You pay the chosen fee right when you arrive. Upon arrival you also get a smart watch, which you can use to purchase food and other additional services, at the end of your stay, you pay what you spent according to the watch.

How does the hourly entrance work?

Upon arrival to the hall you report the number of persons and the time that you want to stay. You have the option to choose the hourly fee, which is lower. In the case that you drag the time over limit You will be automatically charged all-day admission entrance. So don't stress about it and if you see that the children simply don't want to leave and would still play, you stay in, how long you want to and when you are leaving you pay for all day entrance. Credit for the restaurant is still necessary to insert, otherwise you won´t be able to order snacks.

Why adults have to pay?

Our parks are built so that adults can have fun too. The aim of our concept is just spending time together by playing. All the attractions are suitable for adults and they are subject to strict safety standards. So you can enjoy them together with your children and return back to your childhood years.

Do you offer any souvenirs?

We have beautiful t-shirts with our logo and mascot for sale, you can find them in colors of our park - purple, green, blue. We also offer mugs and magnets. For the smallest children, there are various stuffed animals.

Can you purchase a giftcard to Toboga?

Vouchers are sold at the reception - we have vouchers for children, adults and also a special voucher for 2 adults and 2 children. If you would like to buy vouchers for someone special, you can choose vouchers for any of the events - Night for the children in Toboga or Toboga for adults.

How does the birthday party work?

In one sentence - we organize, you celebrate! Let us help you with the celebration, leave the worries to us. You just choose one of our four Party boxes and your special birthday package. We can prepare a beautiful cake and organize a program for the children, including face painting or competitions. As a special offer, the kids can make and decorate their own cake, order chocolate fondue, or try all the attractions with our mascot.

Do you offer healthy food in the restaurant or just fastfood?

You can find both. Some parents promise their children something from the fasfood menu as a reward. Others go strictly for the healthy things. For them, we prepared heathy options and weekend specials. Our cuisine is based on fresh ingredients. You can order vegetable salad or grilled vegetables, or choose one of our desserts.

When is it best to come to the park?

Choose a time and day that suits You. Thursday and Friday mornings are best for parents with small children. From 9 to 12 in the morning, there is a Morning café for a reduced price reserved for the very small children up to 5 years. At this time, you can also meet here children from the kindergartens. If you're considering a visit and would like some information about the current number of people in the park, you can call the front desk.

Where else can we find your parks?

Toboga brings together four fabulous projects - Tongo in Hradec Kralove, Bongo Brno and the Galaxy Zlín. Therefore, the last park in Prague bears the name of all three parks that were build earlier. Toboga Fantasy is in a figurative sense a fantasy planet with happy and good people who are having fun. The guide of our parks is the monkey mascot Bongo, who is sailing the seas and oceans in Tongo, travels through the continents in Bongo and explores the universe in Galaxy.

T: +420 778 545 760
+420 778 545 761*
(*schools, kindergartens, companies)
call during opening hours

A: Skandinávská 5a
Praha 5 - Zličín
155 00